benefits of membership

There are many advantages and benefits to membership in the Carlisle Institute. Some revolve around networking with a community of people who are passionate about our future and the economic and social transformation challenges that we face. Other benefits are associated with the international events that are organized and hosted by Carlisle Institute where participants can get involved with leading edge concepts and ideas, and learn from leading thinkers and practitioners from around the world in business, government and academic fields.
Other benefits include:

  • Recognition of member organization on the Carlisle website and in marketing and promotional materials
  • Complimentary passes for any employees of the member organization at Carlisle discussion forums and webinars
  • Complimentary registrations for Carlisle's Annual Economic Summit
  • Executive briefings
  • Participation at Roundtable events
  • Free access to all Carlisle-funded research reports and case studies
  • Access to the Carlisle best practices database
  • Monthly newsletter keeping you aware of Carlisle's involvement in events, research and community
  • Discounts on Carlisle Competitiveness Series programs
  • Networking with a community of people involved with change and transformation in the New Brunswick economy and society

For more information about membership in the Carlisle Institute, contact us at