the carlisle culture

The Carlisle Institute is a diverse, close-knit community of researchers and operational staff members drawn from a broad range of cultures, disciplines and backgrounds. Our employees are not only leaders in their respective fields of expertise but are agile at transferring and adapting that expertise across diverse industries.

work culture
Our work approach is defined by addressing meaningful problems (often identified with client partners); combining expertise across multiple disciplines; and grounding insights in concrete market and behavioral understanding. Some of the collaboration and other work-practice mechanisms intrinsic to our culture include reading groups, idea contests, brainstorming sessions, rapid prototyping, field studies and trip reports. With their passion to demonstrate proof-of-concept for their visions, desire to probe for fundamental understanding of problems and ability to envision multiple possibilities, Carlisle people are able to transform ideas into impact on the world.

social responsibility
Carlisle employees are passionate about their work and about engaging with their communities. Through our community involvement programs and employees’ personal volunteer interests, Carlisle contributes funding and time, including a day off, to local non-profit organizations. Carlisle engages in varied educational programs, including annually hosting gifted students for the Technologies of the Future Program (TFP) in partnership with Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA).

our code of ethics
The Carlisle Institute commits to uphold the principles of respect, integrity, responsibility and professional behavior in the conduct of our business and in our relations with our clients and colleagues. We believe that a commitment to ethical conduct is a constructive approach to successfully achieving our professional goals. We will conduct professional activities in accordance with accepted standards, laws and regulations. We will make a commitment to provide accurate, reliable information concerning our activities and commitments. We will write contracts in such a way that they are transparent, clear and fair and honour them accordingly. We will recommend service vendors who are professional and who are in compliance with recognized standards of health, safety and the environment. We respect the intellectual property of others and protects the confidentiality of privileged information provided to us during business activities. We will strive to continually improve the level of our professional competence and ability and to comport ourselves in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards.

As we advise and work with clients to develop and implement sustainable strategies, we are also committed to adopting sustainable practices for our own operations. At Carlisle, we made the strategic commitment to be carbon neutral at the outset of our operations by maintaining low emissions and investing in climate-protecting projects meeting international quality standards. Consistent with this commitment are initiatives to limit internal travel; shift necessary travel from air to rail as feasible; select services from among carbon-efficient airlines, hotels and rental car companies; increase the use of public transit; and seek to increase energy and resource efficiency in all of our operations.

In partnership with the New Brunswick Foundation for the Arts (NBFA), and with the twin goals of recognizing excellence and bringing creative processes and beautiful artwork to the intersection of art and commerce, Carlisle showcases a different New Brunswick artist’s work every quarter. art@carlisle exhibits may span a variety of visual artistic media and techniques, including clay, glass, metal weaving, photography, dance, film, digital art, painting, origami and quilts. Quarterly art receptions are open to the public and are exhibited at various galleries. Carlisle creates a compendium of selected artists' work each year to create a high-quality bound volume, printed in limited quantity, signed by the artists and sold through selected vendors. The proceeds of these sales are in turn donated to the New Brunswick Foundation for the Arts by purchasing NBFA Art Bonds, to support artists working in innovative mediums and techniques.

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our photographer
Benoît Desjardins is a Montreal-based award-winning photographer who worked in the heart of the multinational company Michelin North America for 13 years. Since launching his own studio, Ben’s creative drive, masterful technique and professionalism in a wide range of assignments have contributed to a remarkable portfolio of art and design. Today, Ben is considered one of Canada’s leading photographers and is a top Canadian Press Images Photographer. He is published internationally in a wide range of publications ranging from fashion magazines to architecture journals. See more of Ben's great work on his website at

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